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Movement is important in personal growth, not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Shifting energy can bring you from a place of stagnancy and pain, to inspiration and vibrance. The mission of Moved Coaching is to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Whether your goals are to change your body, your mindset, or your lifestyle, Moved Coaching is here to provide support and guidance along the way.




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Personal training

Our mission in the Personal Training relationship is to listen to the desires, dreams and goals of the client first and foremost. It is our job to create a plan that suits you, and also challenges you. It is our belief that there is no ‘one size fits all’ movement plan and that each individual will enjoy different types of movement, and require different types of movement to improve.


group training

Community is of utmost importance in achieving and maintaining your goals. Group Training with Moved allows you to be surrounded by friends who support your dreams and applaud your achievements. Group training allows for a lower price point and a built in community that welcomes you in achieving your fitness goals.

life coaching

A Coaching relationship is one that is fostered on trust and communication, and it is important to us that our clients feel heard and valued within their sessions. Coaching philosophy is based upon the idea that the client already has the answers within them, and at Moved we champion this to be true, encouraging our clients through powerful questioning, to create the lives they desire, one session at a time.


disordered eating support group

Having a background in Disordered Eating and Recovery, Moved Coaching knows how difficult it can be to share your experiences and feel heard and connected to others. The Disordered Eating Support Group was created to bring people together, explore and learn about Recovery through Mindful Movement.



"Kirsten brought us from 'desk-job fitness' back into good cardio and core strength over the past few months. The routines were varied and we had fun doing them as a couple. She was always on time and ready to help us push to new levels without overdoing it.  Highly recommended."

- Andrew and Dagmar, North Vancouver



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