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MOVED COACHING CAME TO BE out of A NEED FOR MORE radical ACCEPTANCE, of our bodies, ambitions, and present situations.


I began to notice my interest for physical movement while recovering from an eating disorder. strength training provided an outlet for me to move, not just to burn calories but to make myself stronger. Movement empowered me, and lead me to want to help others in the same way.

Since becoming certified as a personal trainer in 2013, i have worked in the industry in many different iterations. however, over time i have come to realize that empowered movement isn’t only physical, but allows for mental, emotional and spiritual connection to self on a deep level.

This realization lead me to pursue my Certification in Life Coaching, so that I am better equipped to ask powerful questions and assist clients toward their unique goals.

My mission with Moved Coaching is to create a community that inspires acceptance of oneself and others, so that we can grow together and move toward goals that feel good. Through mindful movement and thoughtful connection, real change can be made both internally and externally. if this resonates, I look forward to connecting with you and moving forward.



  • BA of History, Philosophy and English from the University of Toronto (2012)

  • Certified Bootcamp Instructor and Personal Trainer through CanFitPro(since 2013)

  • Erickson Professional Coach Certification in The Art and Science of Coaching at Erickson International(2018)

personal interests and hobbies

  • Writing, I am currently writing a Fiction Novel (just for fun!…not sure whether it will ever be released)

  • Hiking in the BC rainforest

  • Engrossing myself in TV shows and Podcasts, and getting super attached to the characters

  • Spending time with friends by the ocean and in the mountains