“My experience with Kirsten and Moved Coaching has been very rewarding. Kirsten creates a safe space where I can show up and by my authentic self. With that I have been able to open myself up and share my fears and dreams. Kirsten has done her part to stay present with me emotionally while keeping me accountable and helping me find my inner strength to empower my actions to shift my perspectives. Her support and guidance always reminds me that I’m cared for and valued just as I am and not what is expected of me. Through this connection, I have had personal growth in all aspects of my life. For that I’m forever grateful”

— Nicole, Life coaching client, Toronto ON


"A movement healer and an authentic life coach with a down to the roots approach. I’ve always been a fast paced person, often times forgetting about my own self care. Ever since I met Kirsten, she’s helped me expand my horizons, noticing that personal growth comes at a slow pace... just like the sun suddenly sets after a beautiful summer day. Patience and self kindness are some of her main staples.  She is a light and working with and alongside her has been life changing for me. An integration of body love and healthful movement practice, you can be assured that working with Kirsten will bring you self empathy and the deepest understanding of why struggle is an internal battle that can be overcome!"

— Disordered Eating support group client, Vancouver BC